Happy New Year!!!!

Ok, so the day before yesterday I watched the Johnny's CD as I do every year and I commented it through twitter while watching it. Here my thoughts, a copy-paste of my tweets (in Spanish, sorry). Must read them from bottom to top.

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In a nutshell, I liked it as a whole but I don't agree with the way they did some things this year. I mean, if it's a Johnny's CD why not all Johnnys available are there together? Being "too old" it's just a lame excuse in my opinion. And what about the live link-up with at least KAT-TUN? I'm not happy with that, not at all...


I've just finished watching Sugarless and it has pleasently surprised me!

Obviously I started watching it for the plot...

Hahahaha not fooling anybody, I think. Ok, let's be honest, I decided to watch it just for the guys, but I think it was no secret lol These past days straycat has been flooding my dash, which I didn't mind at all, with gifs of these series on tumblr and then I remembered I still had it pendent. I didn't even know it had been subbed! All I knew about it was that there was a lot of fighting and of course, that it was starring some of the ldh guys, among them the main characters : Suzuki Nobuyuki (Gekidan EXILE), Shirahama Alan (GENERATIONS), Sano Reo (GENERATIONS) and Machida Keita (Gekidan EXILE). These are the topless ones in the pic (Reo, baby, you need to work out a little bit more). And then, there is also SHOKICHI (EXILE, THE SECOND) who hardly says anything in all the drama. I'd dare say he had more lines in the intro lol

Well, anyway, the thing is that as I said before, it was much better than I expected! Despite all the gratuitous violence which you may like or not -the main plot was getting to be the strongest guy of high school defeating the one holding that position (SHOKICHI's character)- the plot is not bad at all. It has a touch of humour sometimes (omg, Alan's character was so idiotic!♥), a little bit of romance and the whole friendship topic every school-related drama has.

It's not by far the best drama, but it is a watchable drama; and you have the bonus that you can enjoy yourself while watching the boys. I think I've fallen for Nobu~~~~♥ those muscles!!!! klsdhfklsadfh


This past weekend it was the XIX Manga Fair of BCN and I decided to make a TEMPURA KIDZ cosplay. I don't define myself as a cosplayer, I don't really like dressing up, but since I watch them in ONE STEP that I wanted to wear that outfit!

As I don't own a sewing machine I had to buy most of the parts, but afterwards I costumized them myself (as well as I could).

Here are the materials I bought and how they turned out

Plain cheap white sneakers. I doodled on them random things!

Neon shirts from sales (just 3€ each, yeah!). I draw the designs, in fact I traced them from a picture of them on my computer, painted them with photoshop and printed them on dark shirt tranfer paper and ironed them. It turned out much better than I expected, to be honest lol
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As we'd say in Catalan "dit i fet" (no sooner said than done). I've deleted all the icons but one, which I've actually changed. It's still Ken but in a more up-to-date picture :)

I couldn't post yesterday, not that I wanted to, but I wasn't home. So I'm just a day late. Not that anyone cares lol

Now here comes what I wanted to share. They're just caps from "Love you more" PV of GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE in 1920x1080. I did my best to remove those annoying letters with the title song and artist and the bug. I'm not an expert so you might notice a little the pohotshoped parts.

You can use them as you want: wallpapers, headers, layers... or even as bases to do whatever graphics you wanna do. You can also modify them as you like and remove the black bands some of the caps have. Just feel free to do as you please and no credit or whatsoever is necessary. The real merit of these beautiful shots are these beautiful people in them, and of course the producers of this lovely video. If you haven't watched it yet, just go NOW! Beautiful song + beautiful babies = perfection.

Click on them to get the original size~

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It's been a while, as always lol

I changed my header recently, two-three (?) weeks ago. I can't exactly remember... when did the covers for THE SECOND's last single come out in HQ? That's when XD These men needed some recognition in my lj. I'm gonna miss Kamisen, even though I still keep Ken Ken as my default icon, which has become the only one I really use (so bothersome changing pics when commenting). I'm thinking of deleting all the others icons...

I also changed the background color to a pastel pink. I chose the same colors as in my tumblr. Yep, so girly~~~~ (whoever who knows me knows I'm everything but that lol but I'm not gonna lie, I like pink u_ú)

Today I've spent all the afternoon/evening playing with photoshop a little, not a big deal really, but I will post it tomorrow (don't promise anything though :p)

I need to find a way to have my lj more alive, because I do use it every day, but I just get stuck on my "friends page"...


Here to share some eito wallpapers I made a couple of weeks ago~

As always, they're very simple and not perfect, because my abilities with photoshop are not that great...

konigiri v1 mini
konigiri v2 mini
k8m mini

- Design may differ from one size to other
- Use them as you want, credit is not necessary. Just don't claim as yours or hotlink, please!
- Original scans can be found 
here and here 
- Onigiris pics thanks to my friend Kuki♥
- I don't have credits for brushes, but I think I got them on deviantart... 

Hope you like them~~~~~~



I'm so hooked on the last E-Girls single "Follow me" since the full pv was out some weeks ago. I couldn't stop listenning to it during the first days, and since the single is meant to be out next week (October 3rd), I decided to rip the audio from the video and take the intro out (omg that was too long! I think it's longer than the song itself o_O but the dance is amazing!) so I could enjoy the song on my ipod! :D

I edited it like two weeks ago, but I was just so lazy to post it. But finnally today I decided it was time to share it, because it's very likely this weekend the single will be up somewhere (or so I hope!) and then this will be of no use anymore. So here it is~~~~

4S or MF

By the way, I really like all the outfits they are wearing. They're so colorful!!!!! *o*

follow me outfits

I would like to buy some of the pieces of clothes they're wearing in here, though I don't think they will suit me that well...

Credits for the pv to r3z4prof

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After half a year I'm here again~~~~ :D

I'm just to post another "wallie" (if can be called like that, coz it's just a screencap

with just so little photoshop XD) I made ^^

This time it's Akkun from Dream5! The only boy in the group. He's so cute and I expect him to

grow very well! :3

Here it is~

if you want another size you just have to say it and I'll try to do something ;) 

See you around!



It's been a while... :p

I know it's always the same story, but I can't help it...

I don't like writting and I'm too lazy to post frequently ^^;

Anyway, here I am! Loving my boys and girls as much as always :3

Today I made a wallpaper of Ashida Mana! She's so cute *o*

I love her! I want to have kids like her (and like Fuku too!!! I am actually watching Youkai Ningen Bem just for him >.<)

So here they are~ 

resolution is only 1024x768, the one that fits my screen, because I did them for my own use. But of course, you can grab them if you like! and I can try to resize them if you ask for it, although I can't promise anything since I'm not very good with photoshop :(

credit for scans goes to jpfiles



At least LJ has come back!!! I missed it :( 

I even got myself a tumblr! (have no life lol) 

Don't have lot of things to say really, just that I'm ok and enjoying my holiday :) 

Oh! and I have passed my CAE Exam!!! YAY!!!

And, well... don't want to talk much about it but I need to say that I'm just so upset to some reactions about Takaoka's comments on his twitter about Korean stuff... Honestly, I don't think he meant to hurt anyone with his words. But this is just my opinion...

See you around if  DDoS attacks let us ¬¬
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