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10 November 2013 @ 09:38 pm
I've just finished watching Sugarless and it has pleasently surprised me!

Obviously I started watching it for the plot...

Hahahaha not fooling anybody, I think. Ok, let's be honest, I decided to watch it just for the guys, but I think it was no secret lol These past days straycat has been flooding my dash, which I didn't mind at all, with gifs of these series on tumblr and then I remembered I still had it pendent. I didn't even know it had been subbed! All I knew about it was that there was a lot of fighting and of course, that it was starring some of the ldh guys, among them the main characters : Suzuki Nobuyuki (Gekidan EXILE), Shirahama Alan (GENERATIONS), Sano Reo (GENERATIONS) and Machida Keita (Gekidan EXILE). These are the topless ones in the pic (Reo, baby, you need to work out a little bit more). And then, there is also SHOKICHI (EXILE, THE SECOND) who hardly says anything in all the drama. I'd dare say he had more lines in the intro lol

Well, anyway, the thing is that as I said before, it was much better than I expected! Despite all the gratuitous violence which you may like or not -the main plot was getting to be the strongest guy of high school defeating the one holding that position (SHOKICHI's character)- the plot is not bad at all. It has a touch of humour sometimes (omg, Alan's character was so idiotic!♥), a little bit of romance and the whole friendship topic every school-related drama has.

It's not by far the best drama, but it is a watchable drama; and you have the bonus that you can enjoy yourself while watching the boys. I think I've fallen for Nobu~~~~♥ those muscles!!!! klsdhfklsadfh
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